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Insight! for Asterisk: learn firsthand all about this pre-launch by Khomp

Insight! for Asterisk

In this fourth article from the EBS & Asterisk series, Khomp announces an exclusive new offering for Asterisk developers, providing them with more intelligence for their operations: Insight! for Asterisk!

Scheduled to be launched at Futurecom 2018, this version of Khomp’s intelligence platform for telephony systems has several software capabilities which are described in detail here in this article.

“We decided to launch Insight! for Asterisk in response to a market demand, which came from both EBS users and those who need to monitor different telephony networks (with or without support from media gateways), with no trade-offs in terms of using all the available data,” explains Rafael Nahid, Commercial Consultant at Khomp.

Nahid also recommends this tool for those who wish to offer analysis reports as a product, as it can cover a wider range of prospects.

In order to function, Insight! requires the installation of an API within Asterisk, which will be responsible for sending the monitored information to Khomp’s cloud (where the software performs data calculation).

To learn more details about this new offering, check the coverage of Futurecom 2018, which began last week, here on this blog. Subscribe to Khomp’s blog and never miss any content.



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Visit Astricon 2018

The largest event for open source Asterisk users and developers, Astricon 2018 will be held on October 9-11, in Orlando, USA. Khomp will be at Astricon 2018 to introduce this new offering, as well as to share experiences with the Asterik community.


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