Seeking to create new applications and integrations with other systems, Khomp developed specific accessories for its products in order to improve performance, facilitate installation, integrate them with other hardware and/or software in the Khomp portfolio, or even to complement their functionalities.



The EBS E1 Bypass resource is available for products with 2 E1 modules. These include: EBS – E1 SPX, with 2 or 4 E1/T1; the EBS – E1 CTI, with 2 or 4 E1/T1; the EBS Server Modular with 2 E1/T1 and the EBS Server Light with 2 E1/T1.



For scenarios with a high density of GSM channels, Khomp developed the Kombiner, equipment that connects cables to the antenna outputs of a variety of GSM interfaces to a single more powerful antenna that can be installed outside to bring an external signal into the data center.



Patch Panels are conversion devices for terminals with Centronics type connectors in RJ11 outlets. With Patch Panels it is possible to convert 1 Centronics input into 24 RJ11 ports.