Futurecom 2018: IoT networks – is your infrastructure prepared for its applications and the corresponding volume of traffic?

Futurecom 2018 presents a provocative challenge as the agenda for its panel to those that are beginning the process of preparing their IoT networks: is your infrastructure prepared to support these applications and the volume of data generated? To reflect on this theme, the event will bring together representatives from different sectors in order to […]

Futurecom 2018: discover how Manager One can add more intelligence to contact center operations!

As described in its introduction article, Manager One brings greater freedom and empowerment to the management of telephone operations. One example is its potential to add intelligence to contact center operations. “The most obvious thing for those that already know our products are the possibilities created by Insight!”, explains Everton Fernandes, Khomp’s leader of development. […]

Khomp announces new technology partnership with Unify

Khomp announces a new technology partnership with Unify, a multinational developer of software-based unified communications solutions. Unify is a worldwide brand of communications software and services created by Atos, including voice, web-based collaboration, video conferencing, call center solutions, and network products and services. This partnership brings to the world market the ease of both brands […]