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Learn how EBS application scenarios work with Asterisk in Call Centers and Corporate Networks

Khomp Astricon

Aligned with the business opportunities presented in the previous article of this series, Khomp shows in this current article two scenarios to apply EBS with Asterisk: corporate environments and call centers.

“A pretty common model is to use EBS with Asterisk to structure the telephony network for a company,” as Rodolfo Leffa, Khomp’s Development Coordinator, explains.

In this context, the PBX is implemented by an Asterisk and operates in synergy with EBS. “Or, alternatively, it can be installed on an EBS Server,” he adds.

Thus, Khomp’s equipment establishes communication with the telephony carrier, whereas PBX manages calls. “Some people use UMG as an alternative for this scenario, but EBS can run inside an Asterisk (and this is a differentiator) through a channel driver – which enables taking advantage of E1, FXO, FXS and GSM telephony interfaces – whereas the gateway communicates via SIP,” he explains.

In addition to their common application in corporate networks, they stand out together in call center operations. “EBS has key features in this scenario, such as call classification, and the amount of CAPS (calls per second) the equipment supports,” he adds.

Regarding the topology, the layout is similar to the corporate segment: “Whereas EBS talks to the carrier, Asterisk connects to this equipment via channel driver – which, on its turn, manages the telephony links,” he explains.

In both cases, it is worth noting that EBS should be installed in the same network that hosts the server. “The product is designed to operate in the local network. That is why it might feature connection loss and audio delay when geographically distributed and managed by a center,” he warns.


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