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Futurecom 2018: learn all about Khomp’s participation on it!

Futurecom 2018

With new features in the portfolio, organized by business verticals, Khomp has confirmed its participation in Futurecom 2018. In its 20th edition, the largest and most important event of Technology and Telecommunications of Latin America will be held October 15–18 in the city of São Paulo.

This year, the company from Santa Catarina has an exhibition space of 77 m², twice the size it had in the previous edition. During the event, Khomp will present its portfolio and will highlight its recent launches. Check them out!


Independent Service Providers (ISPs)

Another highlight of the event will be the line of devices designed for the 4G Internet (LTE) technology, which come with new base radio station models and CPEs for signal capture.



Pre-release of new features added to Khomp’s line of user media gateways (UMG). These devices will not only add extra SBC technology benefits, but will also be “zero touch”.


“This means that you simply have to connect it to a power source and to a server to install it. This way, there is no need to have a field installer resource to configure the device on each customer location,” explains Wesley Silva, UMG Product Leader at Khomp.


Corporate Scenarios

With this market in mind, the UMG line will also present new features. “Call back, for example, is a feature that works like the click-to-call operation present in selected instant messaging apps: the user selects a contact from a predefined phone book and this will trigger a signal to the media gateway. Then, the device will return the call to the point of origin and triangulate it with the selected recipient,” says Silva. This guarantees enhanced cost control regarding device use and placement.

In addition, there are the survival and zero touch features, which stand out for the device convenience in a corporate context, both for the contracting party and the integrator.


Internet of Things

“Last year, we presented our ideas and our guidelines. Now we are presenting the results of this work: the ITG 200 ultimate version,” says Sandro Kirchner, IoT Product Development Manager at Khomp.

The device, which will be presented at Futurecom 2018, is capable of reading and transmitting in IEEE 802.15.4 and LoRa, ensuring greater dynamism for IoT projects. “Speaking of which, we will introduce reading sensors for these protocols, which are now part  of our line of endpoints,” he adds.

The executive also intends to present practical application scenarios of that equipment, such as the development of an IoT photocell for light fixtures. “We will present cases for Industry, Agribusiness, and Smart Cities scenarios,” he says.


Khomp Solutions

Another highlight of the booth will be the new portfolio based on Khomp software.

Among the new features is the launch of Manager, which we will address in more detail in the coming weeks, and the opportunity to learn about vSBC One, recently presented here on this blog.

“In addition, we have updated Insight! to make it compatible with Asterisk,” says Everton Fernandes, lead developer at Khomp.


On the road towards Futurecom 2018

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