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Global Trends for Contact Centers in 2023

The Contact Center market is in constant evolution, adapting to consumers needs and expectations. But do you feel prepared to face the challenges that are coming?

In this article, we explain the principal trends for a market that is in full growth stage. Did you know that a new study by Juniper Research has discovered that global income in the CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) market should reach US$ 15.6 billion by 2027? This comes from a level of US$ 4.9 billion in 2022.

This phenomenal growth of 216% will be spurred by a variety of services offered in a wide range of subscription models, including advanced analytical resources, chatbots employing AI, and personalized video solutions. You will discover these and other new developments we have seen at many events over the course of 2022 – and in Khomp`s own portfolio – right here. Check it out and raise your CC to the next level!

Migration of Operations to the Cloud model

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service)

The dynamic of new generations and intense digital transformations favors a change in the market: the conversion of products into services.

Gartner defines CCaaS as an application software based on services that allows customer service organizations to manage interactions with multichannel clients in a holistic manner, both in terms of client experience (CX) as well as employee experience.

Why is everyone moving CC to the cloud?

  • Flexibility and scalability of cloud environments
  • Security
  • Uninterrupted operations
  • Accelerating technological evolution that causes rapid depreciation and technological obsolescence
  • Decentralization of power: the client can choose to pay for what he needs
  • Fewer team members are needed to support the operation

This way, users gain a better operational experience, personalization of content, automation, and digital security primarily in situations where artificial intelligence is applied. Khomp`s director of strategy and exports, Ygor Voltolini, defines these trends as follows:

“The market in the exterior has already learned that the total cost of ownership of a cloud structure is far more advantageous than an onsite structure,” says Voltolini.

AI in optimization of voice applications

Another trend that has started to transform relationships between companies and clients is the use of AI in contact centers. The application of this technology in customer service is helping to improve communication and strengthen the relationship between these parties.

By combining omni-channeling, the integration of business data, and machine learning solutions, the sector is able to personalize service and improve the clients experience. In addition, it increases client engagement in each step of their contact. This way, a voice is one of the mechanisms to make the client feel they have been well treated and their issues have been resolved.

The use of AI solutions in Contact Centers ensures:

  • Precision with responses, and consequently, greater precision with automation of tasks and flexibility.
  • A more reliable process, allowing more companies to see the technology as mature leading them to decide to adopt it
  • Speedy adaptation in response to changes in standards, regulation or in the companys own operations
  • Improvement in the level of contact with clients and a reduced spin rate: Using Intelligence and integration to avoid customer dissatisfaction

We are aware that with the various regulations imposed by Anatel to prevent abusive telemarketing practices, each contact is more valuable than ever. And when a call is made successfully, every element of the client`s experience must be considered (CX).

Another element that can be controlled with AI is audio quality. When this information is available, it allows for better decision making to take the best advantage of contacts. For example, an alternative form of contact may be found. To assist you with this process, we have Manager One, a complete intelligence solution with centralized management, routing, monitoring and classification of calls.

Anywhere office: Work from any location with simple connection

The advent of 5G has not only increased bandwidth. It has also enabled greater stability in applications that demand interaction in real time. New mobile network technologies and the improvement of physical network infrastructure make it possible for Contact Center agents to work from any location with excellent audio quality for interaction.

Whether in the home office or the anywhere office (working from any location in the world), the fact that physical presence in an office is no longer necessary has created a doubt in the minds of contact center managers: how to ensure that the client does not have any problems in regard to security, interoperability, and call quality.

To respond to this question, main operations will consolidate the use of WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) to guarantee the connection of any device, minimize problems with connection permissions, and secure traffic along unknown networks. Adoption of a connectivity protocol allied with current infrastructure will be an essential practice that will be in great demand in the market.

Data analysis in real-time

In an increasingly integrated world that links devices, data bases, and infrastructure architectures to a public that is constantly demanding more from its contact points with companies, decision making based on data is what guarantees that a contact center stands out in a competitive market.

However, looking at and interpreting data requires a certain mentality in order to really transform information into ways to offer a competitive advantage and create opportunities for leveraging successful contacts.

With the proper tools, it is possible to use the behavioral data from your client base in the effort to improve results for your business and for your clients. Insight! Khomp, for example, is an intelligence platform for planning and decision-making that is designed exclusively for telephony operations. It operates through analyses of historical and real-time data gathered in the context of your complete environment.

But for this data to show the best way forward, it is necessary to start with the right question: What is the behavior of these clients in relation to the effort I am putting in to contact them? When you do not work from this perspective, it is quite possible, for example, to see things happening in your operation without understanding why you are unable to make productive contacts. When this happens, you end up attributing blame to the wrong situations.

Understanding this and transforming this information into knowledge is just as important as implementing any tool or strategy, because this is what contributes to getting the most out of what is being applied.

Now, it is up to you. Which of these trends are you already using or are planning to implement in the coming year?

To prepare your operation with the best tools in 2023, read our S.O.S Contact Center Outbound Ebook. Or get in touch with our specialists directly by email: sales@khomp.com.

Enjoy reading this material and Happy New Year!

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