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Khomp API K3L in its new version 4.1: Check out the new features


Responding to demands from our integrators, the Khomp API K3L (Khomp Low Level Library) is being updated with the release of a new version this April: the 4.1 In addition to fixing some small stability issues, the new version is significant because of the additions that will have a direct impact on the performance of projects that incorporate the API.

For Rafael Sartor, a Khomp developer, “this update brings an important inclusion with support for new audio codecs and significant improvements related to security.”

Are you interested? The Khomp Blog summarizes the main changes in the new version that is now available.


New codecs for VoIP calls

To enable greater and more extensive possibilities for integration, new audio payload codecs were included, which compress data to facilitate the delivery of SIP calls:

  • Opus
  • G.723.1
  • G.722

And for audio recording:

  • Ogg/ Opus


Duplicated security

Another important new feature are the updates related to security of the settings portal. In version 4.1, the possibility of using HTTPS was added, which incorporates the encryption of data transmitted. In addition, the PHP used by the portal has undergone another update, which is currently version 7.1.10.


New options for download of logs

In the last version of the API K3L, the logs were available for download every 24 and 48 hours. As a result of observation of behavior and feedback from users, options were added for download of logs for the last 3, 6 and 12 hours. This makes it possible for users to be able to monitor registers more frequently, at smaller time intervals.


Conferencing for 50 channels

From 5 to 50 participants in a conference, with total control of channels. The significant increase in the number of channels in the new version starts to serve scenarios that require a greater number of people communicating at the same time. A good, current example is the dilemma that managers face when trying to conciliate communication between teams in the office and home office teams. With more channels available, they can all be included in the same conference.


Would you like to know more?

Discover the complete list of new features of the API from our team. Contact Khomp Technical Support.


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