Khomp’s history

  • 1996

    Khomp was founded in 1996, mainly focused on public and private telephone communication. Our goal was to provide greater longevity to existing equipment through incorporating new features, making them more competitive and technically updated. With a team technically trained and specialized in digital signal processing, Khomp entered the market of custom hardware and software project development. These projects resulted in higher performing products and in turn, Khomp kept pace with the latest technology and offered innovative products to our customers.
    Along with its trained technical team, specialized in digital signal processing, Khomp started its operations developing customized hardware and software projects, resulting in high performance products.

  • 2001

    In 2001, applying the knowledge and experience acquired since its foundation, Khomp became a product developer geared for the computer telephone integration (CTI) applications market. The Khomp’s PCI boards line, along with systems developed for our clients (integrators), seek the most diverse applications where CTI is employed.

  • 2007

    In 2007 Khomp entered a new market of applications using free software, such as Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH™, the Soft PBX market. Khomp brought its experience for this market and launched SPX boards in 2008, for open source applications.

  • 2009

    Always looking for innovation, in 2009 Khomp included media gateways with highest density in the market into its portfolio, the Kmedias, and later, in 2012, Khomp expanded this group of products with KMG, its low-density media gateways.
    Khomp’s first international office was opened in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in this same year, marking the beginning of the Company’s history overseas.

  • 2011

    With innovation again, in 2011, Khomp presented a new line of products, the External Board Series. EBS are 1U and 1/2 rack compact modules for all telephony interfaces working out of the server, which allows easy work expansion and redundant systems creation, among other advantages, keeping the standard and quality of Khomp boards. Khomp’s EBS brought a new hardware concept to the telecommunications market.

  • 2012

    In parallel to the launch of its low-density gateways line, Khomp launches the EBS Server, an appliance that enables the integrator to develop a single product with application, processing and connection of interfaces. In addition to these releases, two other innovations were included in Khomp’s portfolio: a family of intercoms accessed via IP network and also a line of IP phones.

  • 2013

    Expanding its activities in the international market, Khomp opens another Regional Office, now in Mexico City, the Mexican capital. New members are added to the Appliance line, such as the EBS GSM Server for cell phone solutions and the EBS Light Server, an E1 compact version of its predecessor.

  • 2014

    Searching for innovations for its client solutions, Khomp expanded its portfolio of IP devices including the SIP Endpoints line, adding value to telephony solutions through integration with security systems and access control.
    In the same year, Khomp launched its free workshops program, the Khomp Workpffees. The workshops have been held in several cities in Brazil and are expanding the technical expertise of Khomp’s partners and customers.

  • 2018

    The beginning of 2018 was defined by the Khomp Academy launch, a classroom lab focused on partner technical training. This closer approach of people was decisive to observe that without creative minds, technology does not work. Technology disconnected from society is purely sterile. This gives rise to a new business purpose: “Enabling Technology”.

  • 2019

    With a successful performance in the domestic market, Khomp continues to invest in the development of new features and products for its portfolio. In addition, it reinforces its look at the international scenario, always keeping the philosophy focused on the customer, dedicating itself to meeting the needs of its partners, taking into consideration different cultures.


Relationships that make partners and collaborators proud with lasting results and creative and innovative attitudes toward products and services in communication and information technology.


To be recognized as a reference for results, innovation, a singular environment and global projection.

Quality Policy

Seek the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders by:

  • Flexibility and commitment in partnership with our customers and suppliers;
  • Development of quality products and continually evolving our processes;
  • Training and motivation of our team;
  • Transparency and profitability.