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Canal Telecom uses Khomp equipment to create a communication environment for Grupo Fórmula and Órion Parque Tecnológico

Scalability and reliability. These were the criteria for choosing Khomp equipment for the Canal Telecom communication technology solutions.
Khomp IP PBX Canal Telecom

Application mode of IP PBX Canal Telecom whit Khomp.

GRUPO FÓRMULA: modern, end to end solution for communication professionals.

Grupo Fórmula is one of the leading advertising agencies in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with customers from all over the country. Because their telephony environment was analog, the agency could not envision any opportunities to reduce their operating expenses related to calls.

Canal Telecom’s response was to implement solutions that would provide a scalable framework to the agency’s communication system based on the Khomp EBS family. In this manner, they used EBS-FXS for the connection with analog extensions, EBS-GSM to determine the lowest cost route to mobile operators, and EBS-FXO for analog trunking, with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), conferencing, audio message recording, and many other functionalities.

The solution enabled the agency to prepare itself for a possible increase in the number of calls, while adopting new technologies, adding new functionalities, and reducing the costs related to calls.

ORION PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO: offering scalability, usability, and mobility to members

Órion Parque Tecnológico is an innovation venture located in Lages, Santa Catarina, designed to provision infrastructure resources to 40 start-up companies in an environment that fosters competitiveness and human resources savings.

In this scenario, the IP telephony solution should provide flexible scalability, zero-cost communication between extensions, telephony costs control segmented into cost centers or businesses, and all functionalities provided by the PBX IP platform. Órion’s presidency was looking for a solution in line with their requirements, such as quality, scalability, mobility, and use of high-end equipment.

For this intent, Canal Telecom developed a solution based on Khomp Modular EBS Server, because of the robustness that was needed to meet all critical factors of the communication environment used by the start-ups. The elected equipment is configured with 1 E1 link and 16 FXS interfaces, providing a communication framework with several benefits in terms of usability, security, modern technology, and scalable growth.

Benefits of a value proposition

Khomp’s hardware reliability, the readiness of the technical support team, and the availability of the commercial team were critical factors, from the purchase of the equipment to its deployment.

According to Evandro Fasolo, Executive, Canal Telecom, the reasons for selecting Khomp to provide equipment for the communication environment of Grupo Fórmula and Órion Parque Tecnológico were “the reliability of the hardware, the scalability added to the environment, and the compatibility of the hardware with Canal Telecom solutions software”.

Among other benefits achieved through the telephony solutions deployed by Canal Telecom, Fasolo also highlights the strategic gain enabled by a fully manageable framework, as well as financial benefits, as the procurement of the equipment was jointly scaled with Khomp’s team in accordance with the needs and demands of each environment.
About Canal Telecom:

Canal Telecom has been operating for over ten years in the information and communication technology area (ICT). They develop IP telephony projects for customers, enabling the integration between converged voice/data solutions and unified enterprise environments. By default, the company offers custom services, choosing to provide customers with advisory services and solutions that are right-sized for the actual demand of their environments.

Because Canal Telecom provides the market with solutions that are easy to customize and drive fast and high scalability, the company now has customers in a wider range of industries, such as technology, government, services, transportation, health and safety. They seek to prevail in the technology landscape, adopt national and international standards, have a team of qualified professionals, and have the ability to add their expertise to that of leading partners in their segments.


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