Media Gateways and Appliances

media gaeways

A practical and powerful solution for convergent applications, the Khomp family of Media Gateways and Appliances was designed to replace a variety of signaling and connectivity devices with a single piece of equipment that is capable of integrating networks and has specific features for each scenario in the telephony market.

With a wide ranging portfolio, Khomp Media Gateways were prepared to build everything from small user oriented applications with the UMG line, to models for medium density, to high density models. They offer innovation to call center markets and carriers that use the KMG One line to integrate with SCM at the points.

Just as with all products in the Khomp portfolio, Media Gateways also have interfaces for configuration, monitoring and diagnostic tools via web, with simplified operations, as well as SNMP integration, allowing for maintenance of equipment to be done remotely or even over the Internet, if necessary. In addition, they have advanced redundancy tools to guarantee high availability as well as high performance.