Security devices for integrated SIP telephony solutions

Seeking to bring value to integrators of SIP telephony systems, Khomp released the Endpoints line with features and facilities for Automation, Security and Access Control Systems.

The Endpoints portfolio from Khomp includes VoIP devices that can be used as an electronic doorman, an IP wall telephone, as an intercom in security systems or automation, and even as an access control point. As it includes a GSM device that enables the management of access control without requiring a PBX or a structured IP network.

VoIP Devices

The VoIP devices in the Khomp Endpoints line were developed to meet the different scenarios for security systems or automation that require an intercom with excellent voice quality and easy installation.

Connecting like an SIP extension of a PABX IP or directly to another remote IP device, the products can be installed in either a local or remote network. Configuration of products is made through a web server that is accessible with any standard browser.

This simple architecture makes it possible for the products to be used in homes, offices, multifamily systems in closed buildings and condominiums, schools, intercom totems, parking lot gates, hospitals and in many other environments.


Learn about the models:

IP Wall

IP multi-use phone

This is a panel IP communicator with on board intelligence, efficient hands-free, and an optional video camera. It makes it possible to open two accesses, turn lights on and off, activate and deactivate heating systems, and even allow for answering a call at a door or gate without the need for the physical presence of an attendant.

IP Wall Kit

IP Wall for preexisting panels

Based on the same internal structure as the IP Wall, but without an external case, the IP Wall Kit is hardware for an IP intercom solution in totems and pre-existing panels.

Speaker Wall

Sound lounge SIP Speaker

Ideal for environments that require audible alarms, it is an extension of the PABX IP. It was developed to integrate platforms for announcements, paging people, paging information and intercom in general.


Access Control

Indicated for locations that have restricted access areas, access control systems allow for control and identification of people and vehicles circulating in these areas. Applications for these systems are wide-ranging, being used by residents of condominiums or collaborators in an organization, as well as by the public frequenting these locations as visitors and service providers.

To meet this demand, Khomp developed the Reader RFID, which reads cards or RFID tags and, based on the information received from these devices and previously registered configurations, can make decisions on the granting or not of access. The readers can serve as access control devices, granting or blocking access without the need for continual human presence. The Keytag RFID and Keycard RFID are devices to be used in conjunction with these readers. They are different only in format with the Keytags being in the form of a key and the Keycards in the form of a card. With Keycards, it is possible to print personalized identification information, like ID cards among other things.