Developed for the Khomp Media Gateways line, Analytics Khomp is a powerful tool for call classification.

The call classification system simultaneously analyzes signaling and audio messages for all calls, before and after answering, to analyze calls made with the greatest possible precision. It identifies when a call is intercepted by a carrier or if the remote answer is made by a cellular voice mail box, automated answering service, or a human being.

In addition to detecting the type of remote answering with great precision, the system can also give additional information on these detections, for example: with a call in which the carrier sends a message announcing that the number called does not exist, the system not only identifies that the call was intercepted with a message from the carrier, but also analyzes the content of the message, informing that the message given was that the number does not exist and even distinguishing between these types of messages from different carriers.

Having previously defined the best routing in each case, it is possible to reproduce specific messages for answering services, among other functionalities.

Analytics Khomp operates on all calls at the same time regardless of how many interfaces operate on the same gateway, whether they are TDM, GSM or VoIP. For each type of interface, Analytics Khomp should be acquired through separate licenses for each as follows:

  • Analytics Khomp – 30 VoIP: Analytics License for 30 VoIP calls
  • Analytics Khomp – 16 GSM : Analytics License for 16 GSM calls
  • Analytics Khomp – 1E1: Analytics License for 1 E1 link (30 calls)

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