HMP Khomp

Host Media Processing by Khomp


Khomp HMP Licenses

A telephony system based on HMP that uses a standard server to process telephone calls. In this case, the task is not performed by specialized telephony hardware with digital signal processors (DSP), but by software instead. In voice over IP systems, the HMP can substitute for telephony hardware or even work in conjunction with it, allowing for a connection between the two.

In this manner, Khomp HMP are acquired through modular usage licenses to allow for greater scalability of solutions. As a security device, can make use of either a hardlock on the USB port of the chosen server, or Khomp hardware, which also serves as a device for opening VoIP channels.


VoIP calls for CTI solutions


The HMP VoIP is a powerful voice processor that allows for SIP channels in proprietary CTI solutions developed with the Khomp API K3L.

Developed based on low level software, the HMP VoIP uses a standard Khomp software (API K3L) interface, making it easily adaptable to any integrated system with Khomp products, and offering low cost for adaptation of a solution.

HMP VoIP Khomp offers a variety of advantages:

  • Development of applications on SIP channels, such as URA, recorder, dialer, PBX, conference, among others;
  • An efficient call progress analyzer for SIP channels;
  • Call classification;
  • Easy expansion of the number of channels;
  • Use of voice over IP carriers and PSTN carriers;
  • Flexibility in choice of server;
  • Use of Linux or Windows operational systems.


Host Media Processing for recording and fax

HMP Recording

Khomp HMP Recording was developed to meet the needs of the passive recording market for VoIP calls. It allows solutions integrators to implement sophisticated platforms for recording VoIP calls with SIP protocol. This way, an HMP Recording license can be installed on the system’s server and perform the recording of calls on VoIP channels without interference, and with the ability to record audio from the transmitter and receiver in a mixed or individual manner.



HMP Fax was developed by Khomp to meet the needs of the market for transmission and reception of fax through the E1, FXS, FXO and VoIP interfaces . It offers solutions integrators a fast path for making fax resources available on platforms based on the Khomp portfolio.

It is ideal for implementation of fax solutions without the need for fax machines, performing transmission from files in addition to savings faxes received in files as well.

HMP Fax also enables the use of T.38 Termination mode (IAF) on VoIP, allowing for implementation of fax solutions based on VoIP with all of the resources that are available on TDM interfaces.