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Futurecom 2018: discover how Manager One can add more intelligence to contact center operations!

Discover how Manager One Khomp intelligence to contact center operations

As described in its introduction article, Manager One brings greater freedom and empowerment to the management of telephone operations. One example is its potential to add intelligence to contact center operations.

“The most obvious thing for those that already know our products are the possibilities created by Insight!”, explains Everton Fernandes, Khomp’s leader of development.

One of these is the optimization of resources, such as load balancing. “Through the Manager One module, it is possible to distinguish which resources are overloaded and which are free, in real time. With this analysis, the operation manager can distribute call flows over the entire infrastructure, using the Manager Flow application,” he points out.

Through Insight!, Manager One allows you to immediately detect when a gateway goes down and when there are changes in the performance of the dialers or the services being supplied by carriers, and it also speeds up maintenance tasks that are performed right on the Flow platform, avoiding downtime.


Management and intelligence for contact center operations

For anyone who works with different dialers, unifying information on operations in a single report is a nearly impossible task.

In addition to the time required to compile the data requested, the fact that each supplier works with different terminology and formats makes this process time consuming and susceptible to errors in interpretation.

“With Manager One, the creation of reports is immediate. The telecom manager can select which dialers he or she wants to analyze, and have access to variables such as network effectiveness ratios (NER) and answer-seizure ratios (ASR), average call durations (ACD) and call attempts per second (CAPS)”, states Fernandes.

This way, the team responsible for operations can calculate the performance of different campaigns with precision. “How can the knowledge of the best time to reach a client of a certain profile or which dialers give you the most productive calls affect your budget?,” he asks.

In regard to budgets, Manager One allows you to optimize the way you forward your productive calls by sorting all calls — regardless of the gateways or SBCs that are being used — with the use of Analytics.

The progress, results and management of this analysis are presented in the tool’s interface, which gives the most complete management reports.


Come talk to us at Futurecom!

How can Manager One influence the daily routine of contact center operations? At Futurecom 2018, visitors will have the opportunity to discover more about this solution directly from Khomp’s professionals.

The event will be held in São Paulo from the 15th through the 18th of October. Khomp’s booth will present a series of new launches during the event, which are detailed in this series of articles that invite the reader to explore different business opportunities.

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