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IP Intercom with integrated or external camera? Which one to choose?

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Anyone who has participated in a meeting of their condominium knows that, most of the time, security and economy are at the top of the agenda. After all, how can you balance the need for increased access control with the need to stay within a budget? In the midst of this scenario of worldwide demand and market tendencies, the IP Intercom line has become an interesting solution.

The Khomp Blog has analyzed two very common situations: whether to invest in an IP intercom with integrated camera or stick with just external cameras?  What to do?


Security in plain sight: what is an IP intercom?

IP Wall, IP intercom, digital intercom, electronic intercom. The names may vary from region to region, but basically they all arise from the need to automate processes related to the granting of access without the need for keys or the help of a human doorman. This involves an intercom device with onboard intelligence and a variety of possible applications. From simply granting access through passing a tag near the sensor and connecting the entrance area to the resident’s apartment to a more complex scenario: connecting the access area to the apartment and, if the resident does not answer, connecting directly to a registered cellular phone.


Protection by allowing visual contact: The advantages of the IP intercom with camera

The principal advantage of the IP intercom with camera is the ability to recognize and register, in detail, the person who is requesting access.  Uninterrupted monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that allows for connecting the existing system to security cameras through the use of the RTSP protocol.

In the short term you will perceive the reduction in costs, because it is more economically viable to invest in an IP Wall with a video interface in comparison to the investment in a traditional intercom with additional cameras. Additionally, there is no need to have an operator dedicated full time to the system.

In the medium to long term, other benefits will become increasingly apparent: the perception of a highly monitored environment scares away potential intruders, as well as offering greater control over internal processes and help with maintenance.

Get to know the different IP intercom models from Khomp


Intercom with external camera vs. IP intercom with integrated camera. And now?

For Andrey Gonçalves, product developer at Khomp, “the best choice is to combine the IP intercom with integrated camera with external cameras already present in the location.” This mix creates a stronger, more intelligent system, because it uses different features that complement each other very well.”

The external cameras have a broader range of vision to cover more of the streets in front, the hallways and other spaces where they are positioned. On the other hand, the IP intercom with camera is focused on the individual and his or her immediate surroundings.


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