PCI and PCI-Express boards

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Khomp boards were developed to meet the needs of the market for voice solutions, presented as an excellent option for applications that require advanced voice resources.

The voice resources of Khomp boards are available simultaneously on all channels and are executed on the boards’ DSPs without using host processing capacity, which is used only for control and configuration of resources. This architecture, in addition to being more rugged, allows for the use of Khomp boards in greater density applications, using computers with less processing capacity, and consequently reducing costs in comparison with solutions where resources are executed by software.


Echo canceling in hardware

On Khomp boards, the echo canceling resource is performed on hardware with rugged DSP architecture. Executed simultaneously on all channels of the boards, independent of the use of other resources, the echo canceling is effective and compatible with ITU-T G165 and G.168 (2000 e 2002) norms, also including convergence and adjustment of automatic delay during the entire call.


PCI-E Interface

Developed for servers that have a PCI-Express slot, Khomp PCI-E boards utilize DMA (Direct Memory Access) technology, which lowers CPU consumption, making it possible to increase server density. This rugged architecture also frees up host processing capacity, which remains totally available for control and configuration of resources.


SPX boards for open source solutions

Soft PBX is a term created by Khomp to designate its line of boards that work with PABX open source software. Khomp boards designed for the Soft PBX market access Asterisk software through a channel driver supplied by Khomp. Together with open source software, Khomp products offer a series of additional resources such as echo canceling, processing of audio and signaling of the board channels, and sending and receiving SMS, among many others.

Each Khomp board offers a wide range of functionalities that can be used in various types of applications.


CTI Boards

The boards developed by Khomp for the CTI market are operated through an API denominated K3L (Khomp Low Level Library). The K3L defines a series commands and events, sent from and received by the board through an intuitive interface. This API is provided by Khomp together with utilitarian applications and example programs with source code to make learning easier and faster.

With functional API, Khomp products are easily integrated with new or existing software applications, and offer the market a series of facilities, such as: conference calling, echo canceling, generation of signals and messages, recording, detection of audio signals, and sending and receiving of SMS and TDM/IP gateway, among other things.

Each Khomp board offers a wide range of functionalities that can be used in various types of applications.