Intelligent IP Phones

IPS 200GPN + IPS 108 - Khomp


Make calls from the internet!

Using phones that connect directly to the computer network, IP phones have a number of advantages over the common system. IP phones make calls from internet networks, receiving voice and data and promoting integration between the two networks.


K line

The K Line was totally designed to offer the best VoIP experience with the lowest cost benefit on the market. Immediately you can see the new level in design: sophisticated and modern. The internal technology also continues to make a difference with HD voice calls, without any noise, transferability, speed dialing, headset integration and provisioning capability.



The KDECT line is the new generation of Khomp products to integrate DECT protocol into the VoIP network. Consisting of KDECT Base, Handset 10 and Repeater, the device family was designed to bring stable, interference-free communication to various scenarios. From large companies, such as shopping malls and industries, to smaller spaces, such as offices.

With the KDECT line, it is possible to create a multi-cell communication system with up to 16,000 portable telephones per area, all with very high voice quality and embedded encryption.