Appliances Khomp

Unique products for your Telephony, Network, and Security Solutions

Khomp Appliances were developed to compose telecommunication systems, seeking to deliver the right resources for each scenario. With these appliances it is possible to develop products with applications, processing, and interface connection, with centralized control and management.

The first appliance was the EBS Server Modular, designed for total practicality of the integrator, which has the capability of loading your application and OS on the EBS Server Modular, as well as developing your product based on a single compact hardware, with a clean design and excellent benefit-cost ratio. EBS Server Modular integrates a CPU with telephony interfaces on the cabinet itself. You can choose 3 telephony interface combinations among the following: 1 or 2 E1/T1 links, 4 FXO analog line interfaces, 1 or 2 GSM channels and 8 FXS interfaces.

Developed to suit markets that need robust software, EBS Server PRO has an integrated switch with 8 or 13 manageable ports, dismissing the need for another device connected to the network, which makes it possible to develop a server based on a single compact hardware. The integration with the telephony interfaces can be done with up to 8 modules from Khomp’s EBS* line, making EBS Server PRO ideal for scenarios that plan a gradual expansion of telephony interfaces. EBS Server PRO also makes available 5 different processing and storage configurations, so that the device has the ideal fit for your solution.

Two new models have come to integrate the line: EBS Server 40 and EBS Server 10. Like EBS Server PRO, these models integrate a CPU and storage with a gigabit switch that can have 4, 5 or 8 network ports. Ideal for network and security solutions, these models allow for the creation of applications such as firewall, proxy, and file server. For telephony applications, external EBS* modules can be added gradually through the network ports.

Khomp Appliances have dedicated hardware with high performance for critical tasks that demand high reliability in its performance, such as echo canceling and digital signal processing. All models are compatible with Khomp’s API K3L and with the open source Asterisk.


* EBS modules sold separately.