External Board Series – EBS

Have you already thought about the freedom of having your hardware separate from your server?

telephony interfaces by Khomp's EBS in a rack

EBS – External Board Series is the Khomp product line that has revolutionized the market. The products of the EBS family have the same flexibility as applications based on gateways while maintaining the wide range of resources that the market is accustomed to having with Khomp telephony boards.

Instead of connecting to PCI or PCI-E buses, the EBS is connected to the local Ethernet network, eliminating the need for servers with special characteristics, such as gateways. This characteristic of EBS allows for the scalability of more demanding scenarios, given its independence from servers. Another advantage is the possibility for creating redundancy systems, guaranteeing the solution high availability, flexibility and reliability.


High performance hardware

As with all Khomp products, the EBS family has dedicated hardware for echo canceling, digital signal processing and critical audio signaling tasks, freeing up host processing for other tasks and increasing the capacity and reliability of the system.

It also has advanced resources such as the capacity for transfer in digital trunk lines, its own signaling protocols, and detailed treatment of signaling information. The products also have a wide range of tools that are necessary for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting via web.

For the control and development of solutions, the EBS can be integrated with any open source applications available on the market, such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Snep, and Elastix, among others. This integration is accomplished in a simple manner, through channel drivers developed by Khomp and supplied along with the equipment. With the EBS family, as well as with all other products in the Khomp portfolio, it is also possible to develop independent applications with the use of the API K3L (Khomp Low Level Library).


All of the telephony interfaces for your solution

Just as with the boards, the EBS supplies connection with all telephony interfaces, and can be acquired in the following configurations:

telephony interfaces by Khomp's EBS 1 to 4 E1/T1 links
4, 8 or 12 analog FXO channels
24 analog FXS channels
Up to 16 GSM channels
1 or 2 E1 links for high impedance recording
12 or 24 analog high impedance recording channels


Another facility of the EBS line is its modular version, the EBS Modular, which allows for a combination of interfaces to meet more specific demands. The EBS Modular has 3 slots for any combinations of:


EBS Modular Khomp:
made your own model!

  • 1 or 2 E1/T1 links
  • 4 FXO analog line interfaces
  • 1 or 2 GSM channels
  • 8 FXS interfaces




The EBS are compact modules of 1U and half rack, making it possible to put two EBS units in each 1U of rack. Each EBS unit is 220.5mm wide x 44.5 mm high x 280mm deep.

The Khomp EBS line is a global innovation, registered under the patent BR 10 2012 026821-3, that is revolutionizing the market for voice solutions and creating new standards for audio processing and signaling capacities outside of external servers.


All resources available with all EBS family products

Voice processing

High capability of resources

  • All voice resources simultaneously available on all of channels
  • DSPs for operating audio processing and signaling

Tone detection and generation (DSP)

  • MFC change (R2 signal)
  • Digits detection and generation DTMF, Fax signal and 425Hz dialtone (DSP) and TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) messages
  • Interception tone detection (inbox, reverted-charge call, etc)
  • Programmable tone generation (beep)
  • Silence and audio presence detection before and after answering
  • Detection of fax signal and inbox. Standard signaling (600Hz/450ms – 1000Hz/450ms or 300Hz/250ms)
  • Detection programmable frequencies (eg Portability Identification,Voice Mail nonstandard, etc)

Audio enhancement features

  • DTMF suppression
  • Volume control manual and automatic (AGC)
  • Echo cancellation Carrier grade on hardware
    • Up to 64ms (512 TAPS) in all channels simultaneously, regardless of other resources
    • Automatic delay control and convergence during the call
    • Compatible with ITU-T G165 and G.168 (2000 and 2002) standards

Call management and signaling

  • Reverted-charge call detection by tone recognition, signaling, or double answering
  • Call progress for generating call control events on FXO interfaces and PABX protocols
  • Call answering triage (Call Analyzer)


Features on VoIP channels

Available on the following models: EBS-E1 3300, 6600, 9900 and 13200; EBS-GSM 10 to EBS-GSM 160; EBS-FXS; EBS-FXO

  • All voice resources available for network channels and VoIP
  • VoIP calls use the Ethernet port of the host (Fast or Giga Ethernet)
  • Codecs available for VoIP: G.711 (A-law and µ-law), ADPCM and GSM


Features programmable via API K3L

  • Channel switching
    • Conference with up to 5 participants between any of the channels
    • Full commutation between all channels and between modules
  • Voice message recording and playing
    • Full-duplex, mono and stereo recording
    • Codecs available for recording and playing: G.711 (A-law and µ-law), GSM and ADPCM, PCM8, PCM16 and AMR
    • Playing audio messages (play) in the formats PCM8, PCM11, PCM16, A-law and µ-law, GSM and DVI4 (ADPCM)


High availability

  • 2 Ethernet ports for connecting to server (network redundancy)
  • Servers redundancy (virtual IP support)



  • Automated installer for new systems updating and deployment
  • Web system for configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Native integration to SNMP
  • Signaling analyzer
  • Real time, remote monitoring (via web)
  • Web interface for controlling, viewing and downloading logs


Physical features

  • Standard 1U module and 1/2 rack 19”
  • Dimensions in mm: 44,5 (height) x 220,5 (width) x 280 (length)
  • Power Supply: Full Range (100 to 240Vac – 50/60 Hz)


Guarantees and certifications

  • Manufacturer 3 years guarantee
  • Anatel Certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified