UMG Modular 300

User Media Gateway with Modular Interfaces, SAS and SBC


UMG Modular 300 is a user media gateway, ideal for small and medium businesses that wish to have VoIP telephony benefits integrated with E1/T1, 3G, FXS telephony links, and thus interconnect their digital, analog, mobile and IP networks with their telephony platform.

UMG Modular 300 can process up to 46 simultaneous calls, distributed into 3 slots for any combination between the existing telephony interfaces, adding 1 VoIP channel to each channel selected. It connects to up to 2 different VoIP carriers, allowing to forward calls to lower cost routes, whether they are national or international calls, thus dramatically reducing expenses with telephony when compared to conventional rates.

With UMG Modular 300, you can connect analog telephones and/or IP telephones to an IP PBX solution, getting a range of additional functionalities when compared to traditional PABX. Some use cases for UMG Modular 300: you can interconnect extensions found in the business headquarters and in the branches, anywhere in the globe, allowing facilities to call each other through the Internet at zero cost, among others.

New 2FXS / 2FXO survival module

The 2FXS / 2FXO module was designed to be used exclusively with the UMG line.
With this module in use, in case of a power failure, the module allows passive switching between analogue public lines (FXO) and analogous extensions (FXS), thus working in survival mode, with 2 extensions operating normally, directly connected in the 2 public lines.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Modularity: 3 slots for the desired combination:
    • 1 E1/T1 (30 channels)
    • 3G Six Band 800/850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
    • 4 FXO (up to 12 FXO)
    • 8 FXS (up to 24 FXS)
  • Maximum of 46 channels per product
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Connection with up to 2 different VoIP carriers
  • Up to 10 VoIP accounts
  • 57 VoIP channels
  • Graphic OLED display allowing for important equipment information monitoring (optional)
  • A user-friendly Web interface for configuring, monitoring and diagnosis
  • R2, ISDN, and SIP signaling support
  • Compatible with G.711 (A-law and μ-law), G.729A and T.38 (fax)
  • SNMP support
  • Customizable billing through CDR
  • Route Failover – Keep Alive
  • ZeroTouch Provisioning – for automatic provisioning
  • SAS – Survival Resource
  • SBC – Session Border Controller


  • Corporate use: ideal for call routing between headquarters and branches though IP network
  • Use in VoIP carriers: recommended to provide to your subscribers
  • Call forwarding to lower cost routes
  • Call routing on the basis of prefix
  • Loyalty to carrier



More integration and automation for the UMG Line

Aiming to offer additional features to the UMG lineup, Khomp developed UMG Tools, an Asterisk resource module that enables channel monitoring in the media gateway within Asterisk® interface. Learn more here.



Application Models

UMG Modular 300 - Integration with IP PBX and VoIP Carrier

UMG Modular 300 – Integration with IP PBX and VoIP Carrier


Access here the PDF file with information from UMG Modular 300. Datasheet

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