KMG 200 One

Modular Media Gateway for up to 240 calls with SBC


The KMG 200 One is a low-density media gateway designed primarily for applications in the corporate market, carriers, Internet providers or small-scale contact centers, and provides up to 240 simultaneous calls (TDM or VoIP). Its interface is modular, allowing for the possibility of 0 to 2 internal E1/T1 links and up to 8 external telephony modules, which can consist of E1/T1, FXO and/or FXS.

The model also has advanced resources for call classification, local survivability, register authorization, support for SS7/SIGTRAN and SIP-I, high availability and intelligent monitoring of channels in real time.


Characteristics and benefits

Features are native in all KMG One models

  • Intuitive Web Interface for easier configuration, monitoring and diagnosis;
  • Routing Script for the automation of routing functions;
  • Data encryption in VoIP channels for network security;
  • VoIP Bridge for any audio and video codec (New)
  • Provisioning via TR-069 (New)
  • HA Support (New)
  • History and recovery of changes in configurations (New)
  • Advanced CLI including reset of factory configurations (New)
  • SIP-I Support (New)


Optional features*

  • E1/T1 Bypass for the solution security**;
  • Insight!: for interactive monitoring and real-time data analysis;
  • Manager One: Intelligence and centralized management of your operation;
  • SBC For Routing: all advanced features for routing of SIP – SIP calls;
  • Register Authorization;
  • Survivability;
  • SS7/SIGTRAN Signaling

*Features acquired with additional licenses
**Only with extern EBS


Advantages of the KMG 200 One

  • 0 or 2 E1/T1 links inside the cabinet;
  • 1U Server;
  • Option with BNC or RJ45 connectors;
  • Option for up to 8 additional external telephony modules for E1/T1, 3G, FXO and/or FXS calls. Maximum of up to 240 simultaneous calls;
  • Up to 120 calls in transcoding;
  • R2 and ISDN Links;
  • Supports SS7/SIGTRAN and SIP



Application Model

Application Model KMG 200 One - Khomp


Access here the PDF file with information from KMG 200 One. Datasheet

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