UMG Server Modular 300

Server with integrated UMG Modular 300 gateway


UMG Server Modular is an appliance that consists of a configurable UMG Modular 300 voice gateway with different telephony interfaces and a server with a dedicated motherboard for installing of the desirable telephony solution. This makes the UMG Server Modular a unique platform, ideal for SIP solution providers that seek high performance and reliable hardware to embed their PBX and IP PBX applications, call center dialers, IVR, etc.

The gateway is able to handle up to 46 simultaneous calls over physical telephony channels, which can be used between E1 / T1, FXS and FXO technologies. In addition, it´s possible to perform routing between VoIP channels, allowing connections from an IP PBX to a VoIP telephone operator, for example. All signal convergence and call routing is processed by the gateway, leaving the motherboard free to process exclusively the use of the operating system and the application that will be installed on the appliance.


Embedded Gateway Fey Features and Benefits

    • Modularity: 3 slots for the desired combination:
      • 1 E1/T1 (maximum 1 link)
      • 3G Penta-band: 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz MHz
      • 4 FXO (up to 12 FXO)
      • 8 FXS (up to 24 FXS)
      • 2FXS/2FXO with bypass (launch)
    • Support for calls between VoIP channels *
    • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Connection with up to 2 different VoIP carriers
    • Up to 10 registrations for connection to VoIP server and VoIP operators
    • Gateway with user-friendly web interface for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics
    • Compatible with G.711 (A-law and μ-law) and G.729A
    • T.38 fax support and pass-through
    • SNMP support
    • Customizable CDR

* Requires additional license acquisition.

Learn more about the characteristics of the UMG Modular 300 embedded in this equipment.


Internal Server Key Features and Benefits


  • Mini ITX motherboard
  • 2 Giga Ethernet ports
  • Quad-core Intel® Celeron® N4120 @ 1.1GHz Processor
  • Connection with up to 2 different VoIP carriers
  • DDR4 RAM Memory with 4 or 8GB
  • Full Range AC Power Supply
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Optional: programmable OLED display


  • Ideal to develop PBX or IP PBX with integrated gateway
  • Creation of a security platform with firewall and alarm trigger per IP calling or cell calling
  • Call forwarding to lower cost routes
  • Unified Communications Center
  • Telephone exchange with call routing and routing on the basis of prefix


Greater integration and automation for the UMG line

In order to integrate more resources into the UMG line, Khomp developed UMG Tools, an Asterisk resource module that allows monitoring of media gateway channels within the Asterisk® interface. Learn more here.Obtenga más información aquí.


Application Model

UMG Server Modular - Integration of all interfaces with IP PBX

UMG Server Modular – Integration of all interfaces with IP PBX


Download here the PDF file with information from UMG Server Modular Download datasheet

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