SIP Strobe Light

Luminous beacon with high-intensity LEDs


The Strobe Light is a high-intensity luminous beacon with integrated SIP technology. Its primary function is to provide visual warnings, primarily in noisy environments with partial or total auditory impediments or in environments where noise is prohibited, such as in hospitals.

Configuration is simple, through a user-friendly Web interface, and operation can be performed using SIP technology through an IP center or with HTTP requisitioning using the product’s onboard API. It can also be perfectly integrated with Asterisk®.


Features and Benefits

  • High-intensity LED (2 W, 12 v)
  • Uses a luminous beacon to indicate a potential warning, call or action that should be taken
  • Gets the attention of users even in environments that are extremely noisy
  • Integration with IP telephony systems
  • Perfect integration with Asterisk®
  • Integration with API RESTFUL for HTTP events and commands
  • Can be used in Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks, an optional feature available only at the time of purchase
  • Easy installation
  • Free support



Application Model

Application Model - SIP Strobe Light

Noisy environment


Application Model 2 - SIP Strobe Light

Non-noisy environment


Access here the PDF file with information from SIP Strobe Light. Datasheet

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