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I have an analog PBX and I want to migrate to an IP PBX. But what if my Internet connection goes down?

The Khomp Blog presents the variety of advantages of adopting an IP PBX: new functionalities, reduction of costs in billings with lower cost routing of cellular calls, VoIP and fixed telephony, among other functions that IP technology makes it possible to add to traditional telephony. But what if the network goes down? What happens to the IP PBX telephony system in the event of an Internet failure?

Depending on the type of business, any breakdown in the telephony system can result in an array of losses and damages. And this is not a distant reality: hospitals, fire stations, rescue and security services, businesses that count on delivery and logistics systems are some examples.

In these cases, the IP PBX must be able to guarantee the availability of the telephony services and, consequently, survival in the event of interruptions in communication. These problems can be the result of anything from an Internet network failure to a natural disaster.


Survive an Internet failure with a UMG gateway

UMG – User Media Gateway is a line of intelligent equipment that enables you to manage a series of functionalities that are interconnected to the communication infrastructure, from performance to control of costs.

“The idea is that the company will not be left without communication. Khomp guarantees that when there is a failure in the Internet or the IP PBX isn’t functioning for any reason, there will be continuity in communication via telephone, guaranteed by the UMG,” states Rafael Nahid, technical consultant for Khomp Pre-Sales.

The UMG is installed between the company’s IP PBX and the public network. Its first function is to forward calls between them in accordance with routing rules that are predefined by the user. With the Survivability resource enabled on the UMG, it will monitor the operation of the IP PBX.

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If the IP PBX does not respond to monitoring, the UMG will assume responsibility for the continuity of the process and execute the basic functions of the PBX.

Taking over, it will automatically direct calls to the correct telephone unit in accordance with the configurations that have been pre-programmed for the equipment’s survival mode, performing call routing.

“In survival mode, the client can use analog units even without an Internet connection. The primary objective is for the client to not even be aware that there was a failure in the Internet, since the equipment does not allow for pauses or interruptions in the calls. Within this context, it is important to emphasize that with an interruption in Internet service, the user will lose the extra functionalities of the PBX, such as URA answering among other things, but making and receiving calls is guaranteed”, insists Nahid.


Extra guarantee for telephony with the UMG Modular 300

In addition to Internet failures, the Modular 300 version of the UMG equipment has a bypass function in case of power failure.

Equipped with a 2FXS/2FXO board, the UMG Modular 300 guarantees the company’s telephony services even in the event of a power failure, automatically activating the analog channels to keep the operation going without losing any calls.

“Khomp takes care to make sure that their equipment offers the maximum guarantee possible for survival of services,” he concludes.


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