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Futurecom 2018: discover Manager One!

Manager One launch

How much time (and money) do you waste on maintenance of dialers? And with your telephony resources being idle? If this is keeping you awake at night, Khomp has a new product that may be a great benefit to your day-to-day life: the Manager One platform.

With its release scheduled for Futurecom 2018, this solution allows you to centralize the monitoring and managing of your entire telephony network, in addition to being able to classify calls and create performance reports in real time.

“The idea is to guarantee more freedom and dynamism in call center operations, by optimizing resources, and identifying and resolving serious problems in a simpler manner. And without the need to replace equipment: the software connects with any gateway that supports SIP protocol,” explains Everton Fernandes, Khomp’s development leader.


How does it work?

Manager One is made up of four modules:

Manager Flow: recognized as the protagonist of this solution, this application is responsible for the routing of calls between the network equipment.

Analytics: is similar to Khomp Analytics, in that it allows for the classification of calls before sending them to the carrier.

“Just by comparison, there are cases in which the percentage of unproductive calls — calls to disconnected numbers and answering machines, for example — represent 50% of the daily volume of the operation,” he explains.

Insight: available in the cloud, this resource makes it possible to analyze data and monitor calls in real time, through a modern, intuitive and centralized interface — all in a single system.

“With these indicators it is possible to monitor the performance of any system (or related assembly) in the telephone network, providing information for intelligent decision making,” he says.

Manager H.A.: completing the package, this module guarantees high availability for the operation. “Through prior configuration, it is possible to establish routines so that one piece of equipment will automatically assume the functions of another in case of failures,” he explains.


And in practice?

The most visible benefit of Manager One is the elimination of bureaucracy with processes that make it feasible to make better use of the potential resources that the network can offer.

“One example of this is load balancing, making it possible to distribute the volume of calls between the dialers through the platform. This way, the occurrence of idle resources is diminished and, possibly, the quality of calls is improved,” points out Fernandes.

Another interesting application is the ability to access data from different dialers in real time in a standardized way.

“Before this, to evaluate the performance of a campaign with more than one dialer, you had to wait for the compilation of data by each company before receiving reports that didn’t always follow the same logic for terminology and indicators. This made it almost impossible to add intelligence to the work,” he says.

Also included is the ability to provide lowest cost routes without the need to configure the media gateway. “You just need Manager One to do everything,” he states.


I would like to learn more!

To get more details about Manager One, visit Khomp’s booth at Futurecom 2018, which will be held October 15–18 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Khomp has a series of new launches planned for the event, detailed in this series of articles that invite the reader to explore different business opportunities.

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