Developed by Khomp for its line of media gateways, Analytics is a powerful tool for classifying calls.

It allows you to analyze your call answering operations based on predefined patterns and specific behaviors, which are captured through the audio and signaling attributes of each call before and after it is answered.

Analytics runs an algorithm that combines the signaling information and the audio of a call to identify what is going on in real time, with the highest level of accuracy. When a call is answered, it allows you to identify whether it was answered by a human receptionist or by an answering machine, or if it was answered by a signaling error, a fax signal or a portability tone, for example, and then it allows you to take specific actions depending on each situation.

This algorithm does not require that new software versions be installed every time a new standard is detected — you just need to install a new pattern file.

Besides being able to detect how a call is answered with high level of accuracy, the system can also provide more information about each call. For example, it can detect when a call receives a message from the carrier informing that the dialed number does not exist. In this case, the system will not only inform you that the call has been intercepted with a message from the carrier, but will also analyze the contents of that message.

Having previously defined the best routing in each case, it is possible to reproduce specific messages for answering services, among other functionalities.

Characteristics and benefits

Analytics works on all calls simultaneously, regardless of how many interfaces are running on the same gateway, whether they are TDM, GSM, or VoIP. Analytics licenses must be purchased individually for each type of interface, as follows:

  • Khomp Analytics – 30 VoIP: license for 30 VoIP calls
  • Khomp Analytics – 16 GSM: license for 16 GSM calls
  • Khomp Analytics – 1 E1/T1: license for 30 calls (1 E1/T1 link)

An interesting thing about the Analytics license for VoIP is that it is not tied up to the VoIP channels of the device. Thus, it functions as a pool of licenses that are used as the features are activated.

The types of answering that can be detected include:

  • Mobile mailbox
  • Answering machine
  • Interception and interception messages: “This number has changed”, for example
  • Portability tone
  • Ringback tone
  • Fax signal – if the call is answered by a fax signal, or when you send a fax, for example
  • Mute calls
  • Commercial or formal answering


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