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Do you want to detect communication problems efficiently with the carrier? Understand how vSBC works with Insight!

khomp detectar problemas de comunicación con la operadora

Do you know the expression “it’s no use crying over spilled milk?” In a call center scenario, this means to detect communication problems efficiently with the carrier (and even service interruption), from the operator hand rise on the help desk – which in general leads to a considerable financial shortfall. In order to avoid this kind of situation, Khomp recommends the joint use of two tools in its new SaaS portfolio: Insight! and vSBC One.

“While the former enables real-time analysis of traffic performance between the call center and the public network, and vice versa, the latter adds survival resources that can bring more dynamism and intelligence to the infrastructure,” says Lauro Granzotto, Business Consultant at Khomp.

In order to understand how it works in practice, imagine the following scenario: Call center X has three dialers connected to a virtualized gateway – with vSBC One and Insight! installed – which, in turn, talks to two different VoIP carriers.

In this context, Insight! allows for live monitoring of indicators such as network effectiveness ratio (NER) and answer/seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD), and call attempts per second (CAPS).

“Without this information, the outage in call performance or service interruption with the carrier can only be detected at the endpoint by the operator or operations supervisor. And even worse: as many companies already rely on the failover feature, which automatically redirects the calls from a faulty SIP trunk to a functional one, the help desk loses sight of this type of occurrence, and the Telecom professional will hardly detect the failure”, he says.

This means that, instead of accepting a reactive posture, working on troubleshooting only after a problem occurred, Insight! empowers the Telecommunications professional for a preventive decision-making, providing more independence to detect potential problems, and making the whole operation smarter, not to mention cost reduction.


And what is the role of SBC?

Going back to the call center X example, vSBC One enables Insight! feature sharing with the three dialers, as well as call forwarding from the Low Cost Routing (LCR) function. Thus, the problem is detected at any endpoint in the entire call center scenario before causing a possible interruption, and it is possible to optimize the use of services and rates with carriers.

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