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Learn about the dedicated features Khomp SBC media gateways offer to contact centers

Khomp SBC media gateways

Khomp SBC media gateways add enhanced performance, stability, and intelligence to contact center infrastructures. This article will show you how to obtain these differentials and other unique benefits for this scenario.


Analytics and SBC

Analytics, an algorithm for classifying calls with special emphasis on active contact center operations, has received the 2017 Anuário Tele.Síntese Award for Innovation in Communication. It allows you to identify productive and unproductive calls, as well as the causes of unproductive calls.

When used together with Khomp SBC, it allows you to handle all calls that are unproductive for the operation at the moment of reception. For example, when Analytics classifies a call as unproductive and identifies that the failure is on the carrier side, it returns the call to the SBC, who then makes a second attempt using another carrier through failover or forwards the call to any other route predefined in LCR (Low Cost Routing).


Insight! and SBC

Insight! is an intelligence platform developed by Khomp which provides access to data that support decision making, from daily operations to business strategies planning. “The tool provides information such as network effectiveness ratio (NER) and answer/seizure ratio (ASR), average call duration (ACD), and call attempts per second (CAPS).” By combining these pieces of information using multiple analytical filters, you can monitor the entire operation in real time, regardless of its size,” said Everton Fernandes, lead developer of the system.

In this way, the detection of eventual problems becomes faster and more efficient. “With Insight!, we no longer need to wait for the agent to raise his hand in order to detect communication failures with the carrier, for example. This ensures quality of service, as it allows us to anticipate this type of problem”, he explains.

It is worth noting that you can even create notification triggers in Insight! so that, in case the number of carrier-failed calls reaches a certain limit, the system will either display a notification on the dashboard or send it by email to the manager, so he can take action on the SBC routing. Thus, the manager can proactively take a contingency action, avoiding downtime and negative impact on the operation.


Routing Script functionality exclusively offered by Khomp SBC media gateways

Exclusive to Khomp’s SBC devices, this feature enables you to route calls across different technologies. This is because it allows you to change IP packet parameters, either at the entry or the exit of the route.

Lauro also explains that “this works very well with IVRs, when you need to process the communication flow using tools from different vendors. Sometimes there are pieces of information that don’t match, for instance: ‘ABC’ technology will name a parameter as Customer Number, whereas ‘XYZ’ technology will call it Customer ID. To enable the operation, the Routing Script standardizes such names, allowing both technologies to talk to each other.”


All interfaces on a single device

In addition to all VoIP features, the SBC Khomp media gateway is capable of managing multiple telephony interfaces: FXO, FXS, GSM, and E1/T1. “This adds to the agility of the operation, as there are multiple telephony links and it allows you to select routes with the lower cost and the highest performance,” he says.



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