Khomp Session Border Controller (SBC) was developed to perform signaling and media control, providing interoperability features across networks, and also as a security feature for IP telephony networks.

Khomp has launched the vSBC One, a new member of our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, with the same security features and SIP routing functions of the SBC but based in the cloud. It can be purchased through software licensing, and it is governed by the same policies of the KMG Media Gateways line.

The vSBC One service pack offers security to your SIP network by encrypting data and protecting communication sessions against third party interception; it also provides security features such as encryption and topology hiding for all calls simultaneously.

In addition to network security, the vSBC service pack also includes all of the available advanced SIP-to-SIP call routing features.

Like other cloud-based SaaS products, its web interface allows for easy gateway configuration and monitoring, and it can be purchased through licensing. It also allows access to logs and graphs, as well as the creation of user profiles with different access levels.

The main features of vSBC One include:


● Password-protected access to the web interface
● Access Control List – ACL (whitelisting and blacklisting)
● SIP TLS and SRTP protocols (SDES and DTLS)
● Network topology hiding
● Malformed packets detection
● Fraud prevention: call blocking by destination and source
● DoS/DDoS protection


● Fax interworking (T.38 with fallback to G.711)
● IPv4 to IPv6
● RTP with conversion between UDP, TCP, and SRTP (SDES and DTLS)
● SIP trunking

NAT Traversal

● Interconnection of different networks
● External IP configuration

VoIP features

● SIP Proxy Fallback
● NAP (Network Access Point) monitoring or Keep Alive (sends UDP packets to the router to indicate that the port is in use without impacting the bandwidth)
● Ability to edit destination (TO) and source numbers (FROM)
● Adding, removing, and retransmitting headers
● Transcoding between codecs G.711 and G.729


● DiffServ – traffic classification and management

Traffic Control

● Definition of the maximum number of simultaneous calls per network

Other features

● Configuration, monitoring, management, and diagnostics via web
● Customizable CDR
● Interface access control for users of different levels
● SNMP Support


Exclusive Features

vSBC One can be used in conjunction with several other Khomp tools, adding much more value to the intended operation, for example:


Analytics is a powerful call classifier. It allows vSBC to identify whether or not the call was intercepted by the carrier, and also whether the remote attendant is a mobile voice mailbox, an auto-attendant or a human receptionist. It then can take the necessary steps according to each situation, such as hang up the call or forward it to an attendant — for all calls simultaneously.

The service can be purchased through licensing packages, ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 SBC sessions. To learn more about Analytics, click here.

Another feature than can be used in conjunction with vSBC One is High Availability.
If the main hardware fails, another vSBC with an HA license takes on the gateway functions, preserving all network configurations, including IP addresses. It was designed to operate with or without external telephony interface modules.

To further enhance SIP calls security, vSBC One works in conjunction with Register Authorization.

When Register Authorization (available on KMG MS) is in place, all requests for IP phone registering received from an external network are first authorized by KMG MS, who then sends a query to a server before forwarding it to a PBX system on the internal network.

The system also executes the NAT (Network Address Translation), which is the translation of the public Internet IP address into the private IP address of the telephony network, both for RTP (Real Time Protocol) and transcoding.


Access here the PDF file with information from vSBC ONE. Datasheet

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