vSBC One Khomp

A virtual SBC for security and routing of VoIP calls

Virtual Session Border Controller by Khomp

Khomp vSBC was developed to perform signaling and media control, providing interoperability resources across distinct networks, as well as security resources for IP telephony networks
vSBC One is a Session Border Controller offered by Khomp that eliminates the need for specific hardware. It may be installed locally (on-premises), in a virtualized manner or even in the cloud, with the same security and SIP routing features, because Khomp makes it available through the licensing of software.

The vSBC One package of services provides security to your SIP network through data encryption, protecting communication sessions against third party interception. Security features such as encryption and topology hiding are available on all calls simultaneously.


Routing and failover of routes

Have total control of your telephony expenses through route configuration. Whether by prefix or through fidelization with VoIP carriers, with vSBC One you can always use the lowest cost route for each call, while also being able to use overflow of routes by number or by time of day.

In addition, by using the failover resource, whenever a carrier is unavailable, another preselected carrier is automatically used, ensuring uninterrupted telephony service.

Register Authorization - VSBC ONE KHOMP

Register Authorization

When the Register Authorization service available on the vSBC One is in place, all requests for registration of IP phones that are received from an external network are authorized first by the vSBC One before they are forwarded to a PBX system on the internal network, increasing the security of SIP calls.

Scalability for your business

The vSBC One is readily scalable through the acquisition of additional licenses, for making up to 5,000 simultaneous calls.

User-Friendly Web Interface

The web interface allows easy configuration and monitoring of the vSBC One. It also allows access to logs and graphs, as well as the creation of user profiles with different access levels.


Exclusive Khomp Features

vSBC One can be used in conjunction with other Khomp tools, adding much more value to your operation. Check it out!


vSBC One and HA

High Availability is a resource that is available to the vSBC One in on-premises scenarios. If the main hardware fails, another piece of hardware configured with vSBC One and an HA license takes on the gateway functions, preserving all network configurations, including IP addresses.

Analytics Khomp - VSBC ONE KHOMP

vSBC One and Analytics

Analytics is a powerful call sorting algorithm developed by Khomp. It identifies whether a call has been intercepted by the carrier or if the remote answerer is a mobile answering service, an automatic answering service or a human being. From this point, it directs the call to a route that has been pre-configured for every situation, such as hanging up or forwarding to an operator for example, and this is done simultaneously for all calls.

Together with vSBC One, all of this control of calls is also available for SIP calls, making your operation much more efficient.  The service is acquired through packages of licenses. Read more about Khomp Analytics here.

VSBC ONE KHOMP - Insight Khomp

vSBC One and Insight!

Insight! Khomp is an intelligence platform for planning and decision-making that is designed exclusively for telephony operations. It operates through analyses of historical and real-time data gathered in the context of your complete environment, acting as a Business Intelligence (BI) element in your telephony environment.

Together with the vSBC One from Khomp, all of these benefits are also available for your SIP network, which means all of your VoIP telephony operations. Find out more about Khomp Insight! here.

vSBC One and Manager One

The ultimate solution for managing telephony environments, Manager One centralizes all carrier connections, deices and service providers, such as dialers, IVRs, and DACs, in a single platform. Together with vSBC, now all of this can also be available in your VoIP network.

Routing, monitoring, performance analysis, call classification — your entire telephony operation is made available in a simple, intuitive manner, no matter what hardware supplier you are using. Find out everything about the pre-release of Khomp’s Manager One here.

Main features of Khomp’s vSBC One


  • Password-protected access to the web interface
  • Access Control List – ACL (whitelisting and blacklisting)
  • SIP TLS and SRTP protocols (SDES and DTLS)
  • Network topology hiding
  • Detection of malformed packets
  • Fraud prevention: call blocking by destination and source
  • DoS and DDoS protection



  • Fax interworking (T.38 with fallback to G.711)
  • IPv4 to IPv6
  • RTP with conversion between UDP, TCP, and SRTP (SDES and DTLS)
  • SIP trunking


NAT Traversal

  • Interconnection of different networks
  • External IP configuration
  • STUN


VoIP features

  • SIP Proxy Fallback
  • NAP (Network Access Point) monitoring or Keep Alive (sends UDP packets to the router to indicate that the port is in use without impacting the bandwidth)
  • Ability to edit called (TO) and caller (FROM) numbers
  • Adding, removing, and retransmitting headers
  • Conversion between G.711 and G.729 codecs


Traffic Control

  • Definition of the maximum number of simultaneous calls per network.


Other features

  • Configuration, management, monitoring, and diagnostics via web
  • Customizable CDR
  • Interface access control for users of different levels
  • SNMP Support



Access here the PDF file with information from vSBC ONE. Datasheet

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