IoT Extension for Relays and Binary Contacts

Khomp IoT Extension with Relay and Binary Contact Input


Used in conjunction with ITS 3G or LoRa® and IEEE 802.15.4 endpoints, the EM R102 is an Internet of Things (IoT) extension designed to extend multi-contact sensing capabilities and can act with total control on machinery.

With wide application possibilities, the EM R102 is fully suitable for industrial parks, corporate scenarios, smart city projects and health 4.0. Operation ranges from door opening controls to motor drives.



With 2 relays and 2 binary contacts for actuation

With this additional extension module, the IoT Endpoints can use relays to trigger devices such as door opening engines, buttons, triggers, etc.

  • It has 2 analog input ports for dry contacts
  • It has 2 analog relay outputs
  • It has a 4-channel I/O extensor chip to read the analog inputs and convert them into data in order to send them via I2C to Khomp IoT Endpoints
  • It is compatible with LoRa®, IEEE 802.15.4, ITS 302, and ITS 312 Endpoints
  • Indoor plastic case for connection to Khomp IoT Endpoints
  • It has a 12 VDC power supply



Application Model



Application model - EM R102 (Khomp IoT Endpoint Extension)

Upon reaching a pre-established level of water in the tank, the extension drives the pump.

Application model 2 - EM R102 (Khomp IoT Endpoint Extension)

Upon detecting the door opening, the extensor acts in different ways depending on the state it is in.



Access here the PDF file with information from IoT Extension for Relays and Binary Contacts. Datasheet

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