Zigbee Endpoint

Temperature and humidity transmitter or repeater for short distances


  • NIT 20 ZI – IoT indoor Endpoint Transmitter
  • NIT 21 ZI – IoT indoor Endpoint Transmitter with integrated humidity, temperature and contact sensors
  • NIR 20 ZI – IoT indoor  Endpoint Repeater
  • NIR 21 ZI – IoT indoor Endpoint Repeater with integrated humidity, temperature and contact sensors



The Khomp Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) Endpoint was designed to transmit data collected on location to supply data to intelligent IoT systems. Using sensors connected to the Endpoint, it reads temperature, humidity and contact at locations for applications such as monitoring soil for agriculture, and the temperature and status of doors in refrigerators. In addition, it is capable of measuring the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is installed, transmitting a complete picture of the scenario to an integrator’s interface.

Using the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol, the Endpoint sends data that is read to an IoT gateway located at a distance of hundreds of meters. The gateway, for its part, is responsible for transmitting the information received to a server, which may be in a local network or a cloud. As a part of its IoT portfolio, Khomp provides the IoT ITG 200 telemetry gateway for this function.

This way, the Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) Endpoint has the ideal range for short-distance applications, such as corporate environments, for example. And to expand the range of the signal for sending data to medium-range distances, Repeater models may be used.

Find out also about the LoRa Endpoint for long distances.



  • 2 ports, 1-Wire for connection with temperature, humidity, and dry contact sensors
  • Connect up to 4 1-Wire sensors in a chain
  • Transmission of data to the gateway via IEEE 802.15.4 protocol
  • Power supplied by a USB cable or two AA batteries
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensors with 60-second intervals for sampling the environment. Exclusively available on NIT 21 and NIR 21 models.

Optional items on Khomp Endpoints*

  • 1-Wire Temperature probe
  • Dry contact binary sensors for use as door sensors, for example
  • USB power adapter, with 5VDC output

* Optional items are available at an additional cost.



Application models

IoT Endpoint application model


Access here the PDF file with information from IEEE 802.15.4 Endpoint. Datasheet

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