LoRa® Power Meter with CTs

Segmented measurement of energy with CTs using the LoRaWAN™ protocol


The LoRa® Power Meter with CTs, the ITE 11LI, is one more member of the family of IoT endpoints from Khomp that operates according to the LoRaWAN™ protocol. Its function is to measure the consumption and the quality of energy using current transformers (CTs).

Installed in the electrical panel, together with the fuses, the ITE 11LI has CT outputs (Current Transformers) for monitoring multiple energy points. In practice, the CTs provide a direct, non-intrusive connection between the electrical panel and equipment spread throughout the environment, such as industrial refrigerators or air conditioners.

It is possible to configure up to a total of 3 CTs per meter. In other words, the meter is capable of monitoring the consumption of energy of up to 3 single-phase pieces of equipment at the same time or 1 three-phase device

The ITE 11LI also includes an on-board temperature sensor to indicate the temperature of the power panel in which it is installed, and an active binary input to monitor the opening of the electrical panel door, for example.


Another notable feature of the ITE 11LI is its integration with Bluetooth TM, which allows for firmware updates just by pairing the device with the Khonect application developed by Khomp.


What can be measured:

The ITE 11LI is able to read up to 3 phases at a time. Measuring the following data for each phase:

  • RMS Voltage
  • RMS Current
  • Hz Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active energy (accumulated)
  • Reactive energy (accumulated)



  • With integrated Bluetooth to allow for updating of firmware
  • Network protocols: LoRaWAN™
  • Installation in the DIN panel rack or in the rack that comes with the product
  • Operating problem warnings (error in the sequence between the voltage and current phases)
  • Able to determine single phase loads
  • Real time reading of consumption in kWh per phase, with internal memory for saving data
  • Installation and integration through MQTT and ITG 200 Dashboard
  • Integrated temperature sensor to measure the temperature at the location of the installation
  • 6 Models of CTs for your application (additional Items)
  • On Board Temperature Sensor
  • Active Sensor Tamper


CT models available

Accessories (Optional)
25A CT
25 A CT, 333 mV output, 5 meter cable
40A CT
40 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable
100A CT
100 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable
150A CT
150 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable
250A CT
250 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable
630A CT
630 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable
1500A CT
1500 A CT, 333 mV output, 2 meter cable



Application Model

ITE 11 LI - Application Model


Access here the PDF file with information from ITE11LI. Datasheet

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