Electric Current IoT Extension

Khomp IoT Extension for Input of Current Sensors


Used in conjunction with ITS 3G or LoRa® and IEEE 802.15.4 endpoints, the EM C104 is an Internet of Things (IoT) extension designed to extend 4-20 mA current sensing capabilities.

Its applications are numerous, from large industrial parks to challenging smart city projects. With the possibility of measurements ranging from tank temperature, oil pump pressure and CO2 levels – information that is collected and sent to cloud application.



Up to 4 current sensors, 4–20mA

This extension module provides the Khomp IoT Endpoints with the capacity to measure the most commonly used electric currents across industries (4–20mA), making it possible to monitor the correct operation of devices, which inform their maintenance data by means of current variations.

  • It has 4 analog input ports to connect the current outputs (4–20mA)
  • It has a 4-channel AD/I2C converter chip to read analog inputs and convert them to data in order to send them via I2C to the Khomp IoT Endpoints
  • It is compatible with LoRa®, IEEE 802.15.4, ITS 302, and ITS 312 Endpoints
  • Indoor plastic case for connection to Khomp IoT Endpoints
  • It has a 12 VDC power input



Application Model

Application model - EM C104 (Khomp IoT Endpoint Extension)

Connected to an urban structure, the sensor detects the amount of CO2 present in the air and sends the data through the extension.

Application model 2 - EM C104 (Khomp IoT Endpoint Extension)

With the extensor integrated to the sensor inside the float, it is possible to measure the pH of the water in that region.


Access here the PDF file with information from Electric Current IoT Extension. Datasheet

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