Infrared Repeater

Replace Infrared Controls and monitor Temperature/Humidity.


The Infrared Repeater is an endpoint from Khomp’s IoT line developed for the automation of infrared devices within indoor environments, especially intelligent automation in air conditioning. Through IEEE communication. 802.15.4 (Zigbee), the device can capture and store commands, making it an intelligent option to replace common remote controls.

In its architecture, the device also has a temperature/humidity sensor that allows real-time monitoring and which can be enhanced in the NIR 22IR model by up to 1 probe 1 wire DS18B20 to measure temperature or 1 dry contact probe.


There are two models available for your application, the NIR 20IR and NIR 22IR. Check out the difference between them:

Model Product
NIR 20IR Initial, simpler model. It does not have entries for extensions
NIR 22IR It has a 1-Wire input for the temperature probe, an input for dry contact and connection for the IR Extension


In other words, the NIR 22IR model has another dry contact input, making it possible to integrate any of the models with the IR Extender – an accessory that blocks the signal from other devices/commands to prevent fraud and guarantee absolute control of the monitored equipment.

Additional items on Model NIR 22IR

  • Signal extender
  • 1-Wire Temperature Probe
  • Dry Contact Probe


  • Mesh connection (router function) 802.15.4 on ITG 200
  • Installation and integration through MQTT and ITG 200 Dashboard
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor, allowing you to report the status of the environment in real time
  • Allows you to expand your sensing and infrared reception
  • One passive 1-Wire port for connecting an external DS18B20 temperature probe supplied by Khomp
  • Serves as infrastructure for the 802.15.4 network, new generation Zigbee with greater range
  • Firmware update via OTA
  • 5 VDC power supply via micro USB input



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