4, 8 or 12 analog line external boards


  • EBS-FXO 40, with 4 FXO interfaces + 4 VoIP channels
  • EBS-FXO 80, with 8 FXO interfaces + 8 VoIP channels
  • EBS-FXO 120, with 12 FXO interfaces + 12 VoIP channels


The EBS-FXO was developed for CTI applications that require analog trunking. Added value platforms, Audible Response Unit (IVR), Telemarketing, Voice Mail, Conference, IP PBX, and Help desk, among other items, are examples of applications in which the EBS-FXO can be used.

Its voice resources, which include detection of voice mail, detection and suppression of DTMF and AGC, call progress, reproduction and recording of audio messages, detection of fax signals, among other items, in addition to echo canceling, are performed in the hardware without consuming the processing capacity of the host. This robust architecture allows for the use of the EBS-FXO in high density applications using servers with less density.

Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • PBX
  • IP PBX
  • Gateway
  • IVR
  • DAC

Main Characteristics

  • 4, 8 or 12 analog channels
  • 1 HMP channel for each analog channel (when used witch CTI solutions)
  • DSP for processing of audio and signaling
  • Web interface for control, visualization and download of logs
  • Classification of call answering (Call Analyzer)

Exclusive Resources of the EBS-FXO

  • Network channels: 4, 8 or 12 analog channels
  • 1 HMP channel for each analog channel (when used witch CTI solutions)
  • Possibility for expansion of SIP channels with the acquisition of additional licenses
  • Network protocols: FXO
  • PBX Protocols: Flash generation and detection
  • Assistant for configuration of call progress
  • FSK detection for call identifier (Bina)
  • Reports inversion of polarity
  • Reports failure of physical call on the line

EBS family



Application Model



Download here the PDF file with information from EBS-FXO.Download datasheet

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