1 to 4 E1/T1 external boards for Soft PBX


  • EBS-E1 SPX 300, with 1 E1/T1
  • EBS-E1 SPX 600, with 2 E1/T1
  • EBS-E1 SPX 900, with 3 E1/T1
  • EBS-E1 SPX 1200, with 4 E1/T1


The EBS-E1 SPX readily presents itself as an excellent option for applications that require E1/T1 links and advanced voice resources.

Critical services related to digital PBX trunking such as signaling (R2D or ISDN) with a public safety answering point, dialing detection DTMF, tone generation (DTMF, MFC and 425Hz), as well as echo canceling, are performed by the module’s DSP. In addition, Khomp’s EBS units offer a high availability of resources for performing these services in real time, simultaneously on all channels, without requiring extra processing from the host. This robust architecture allows for the use of the EBS-SPX in high density applications with compact servers.

Audible Response Unit (IVR), Telemarketing, Help Desk, Customer Service, Voice Mail, Call Center, Conference, IP PBX, among other features, are examples of applications in which the EBS-E1 SPX can be used.


Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • PBX and PBX IP
  • Gateway
  • Voice mail
  • Conference
  • IVR
  • DAC

Main Characteristics

  • Echo canceling in hardware
  • DSP for processing of audio and signaling
  • Compatible with open source soft PBX
  • Classification of call answering (Call Analyzer)

Exclusive Resources of the EBS-E1 SPX

  • Network channels: 1 to 4 E1/T1 links
  • Network protocols: ISDN and R2 Digital (with up to 120 MFC signaling trunks). It’s possible to configure different protocols on each link.
  • Optional EBS-E1 Bypass contingency board for each 2 E1/T1, for handling failures
  • Telephone network information, including causes for rejection and hang ups via AMI and dialplan
  • Specific signaling commands made available via AMI and AGI interfaces
  • Detection of answering available via dialplan and AMI interface
  • Balancing of calls between channels from one or more output routes

EBS family



Application Model



Download here the PDF file with information from EBS-E1 SPX.Download datasheet

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