1 to 16 GSM interface external board for Soft PBX


  • EBS-GSM 10, with 1 GSM channel
  • EBS-GSM 20, with 2 GSM channels
  • up to
  • EBS-GSM 160, with 16 GSM channels


The EBS-GSM SPX maintains the standard and quality of the Khomp family of boards, performing all of the audio and signaling processing within the hardware itself.

The voice resources available, such as detection of voice mail, detection and suppression of DTMF and AGC, call progress, reproduction and recording of audio messages, among others, allow for the use of the EBS-GSM SPX in a variety of applications, including: cellular dialer, call back, gateway cellular/VoIP, cellular interface for call centers or PBX, and SMS gateway, among many others.

The EBS-GSM SPX is a compact 1U half rack module with a capacity for up to 16 GSM channels in a single piece of equipment with an easily removable front for substitution of SIM Cards. Each GSM module handles up to 2 SIM Cards of different operators, allowing for the prioritizing of routes.


Features and Beneficits

Typical Applications

  • PBX Cellular
  • Gateway Cellular
  • IVR
  • Sending and receiving of SMS
  • Portability

Main Characteristics

  • 1 to 16 GSM channels
  • DSP for processing of audio
  • Web interface for control, visualization and download of logs
  • Classification of call answering (Call Analyzer)
  • Compatible with open source soft PBX

Exclusive Resources of the EBS-GSM SPX

  • Modular with up to 16 GSM interfaces
  • Capacity for 2 SIM Cards per channel, one active and another stand-by
  • Allow for different operators on the same module
  • Information on antenna and register of operator available via web interface
  • Information on signaling and state of channels reported via AMI interface
  • Detection of answering available via dialplan and AMI interface
  • Specific signaling commands made available via AMI and AGI interfaces
  • Possibility of restricting the sending of number of origin (if supported by operator)
  • 1 3dB antenna with cable included per GSM channel

EBS family



Application Model

Application Model - EBS GSMH


Download here the PDF file with information from EBS-GSMH SPX. Datasheet

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