Just as important as rugged hardware designed for applications in demanding scenarios is the freedom that developers must have to take advantage of all of the functionalities that this product has to offer, such as the ability to integrate their solutions into telephony networks, whether they are analog, digital, mobile or VoIP.

With a functional API called K3L (Khomp Low Level Library) Khomp products are easily integrated with new or existing application software. Its interface consists of a few declared functions in C, and made available in the form of dynamic loading libraries allowing for easy integration with any programming language.

With an intuitive interface and a vast volume of constantly updated documentation made available on-line, the K3L API offers a quick learning curve. To make the work of the integrator even easier, Khomp offers a program for developers to perform the integration of API with their applications at Khomp headquarters, making use of all of the equipment necessary with the help of Khomp developers.

API provides an interface for the exchange of control messages, meaning the sending of commands and receiving of events. The message interface is protocol-agnostic, making it possible to use the same code to receive calls from channels of every type of technology, whether they are GSM, FXO, FXS, SIP or E1, in any one of the E1 protocols supported. In the same way, the control of resources such as recording with different codecs, reproduction of audio messages, sending of TDD and fax messages, is made using the same commands and events, independent of the technology used.

The API allows for the switching of any channel of any device to any other channel of any device with a single command. A full-duplex switch is formed with two commands. More switching can be done, allowing for a conference of up to 5 participants, with total control over what any participant can hear.