KFXO – 240HI / SPX

analog line recording board


The main function of KFXO-240HI Express board is passive, high impedancerecording of PBX branches or analogical telephone lines. It is connected, inparallel mode, to the telephone, recording in a way that is not perceived bythe users and without degrading the call audio. This board reports to the hostthe telephone line presence and every ring signal, polarity reversal, audioevents, answering, or end of call, without needing to integrate with the PBXfor starting or ending the recording process. For assuring reliability, theKFXO-240HI board starts and stops recording by detecting line tension,which varies with on-hook and off-hook events.

Features and beneficits

  • 24 (KFXO-240HI) or 12 (KFXO-120HI) analogical line interfaces
  • Compatible with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH
  • It records in high impedance letting the line (branch) free
  • Detects DTMF signals, 425Hz tone and fax tone in all channels
  • Detects silence and voice in all channels
  • Detects the line presence in all channels
  • Reports the answering or end of a call, monitoring the line tension
  • Reports ring and any polarity reversal
  • Programming by software for connecting with 24V or 48V lines
  • Full duplex recording to WAV format file
  • Codec used for recording: G.711, GSM, and ADPCM
  • 50 ways Centronics connector for connecting the lines
  • PCI-Express 1x interface or higher, with DMA technology
  • Board dimensions: 7.09 x 4.33in
  • Manufacturer 3 years guarantee

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