KPR – 300S SPX

Single E1 passive network interface board


The Khomp KPR-300s board was developed with a set of resources making it very efficient for passive recording T1/E1 applications. The KPR-300s is cost-effective for high-impedance recording (interception).

The KPR-300s is connected to T1/E1 link in parallel with the PABX and modem. The board has two entries (RX), receiving the signal transmitted by the PABX and the signal transmitted by the modem. These two signals are mixed inside the board to accomplish full duplex recording of calls on each of the 30 link channels. In case the server is turned off or fails, the T1/E1 link will not be interrupted.

The Khomp offers the board KPR-300s in versions PCI and PCI-Express. The PCI-Express has the DMA technology, which reduces the consumption of CPU, allowing increased density per server.

Features and beneficits

  • Compatible with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH
  • Passive high impedance connection to a link E1
  • Channel driver for Asterisk
  • Half or full duplex recording of the 30 link E1 channels
  • Uses 2 independent framers for reception of signals transmitted from modem to PABX and from PABX to modem
  • Informs the host about events of call monitoring of signaling R2D and RDSI
  • Informs error status on link E1
  • Detection of inbound signal on the 30 channels simultaneously
  • Detected in-band signals: DTMF and decimal dialing, fax tone, voice, silence and tone at 425Hz, or at a preset one
  • Independent gain setting to input and output channels
  • Recording in WAV format file
  • Codecs used for recording: G.711, GSM, and ADPCM
  • Resources implemented by firmware already installed on the board
  • E1 with BNC connectors. Approximate impedance: 1000 Ohms
  • Interface PCI-Express 1x or more, with technology DMA. Dimensions of board: 14,2 x 9,4cm
  • Interface Universal PCI V2.2 (5V or 3V3). Dimensions of board: 20 x 10,6cm
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years

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