It is not possible to talk about systems without addressing scalability. Scalability is the capacity a system has for growth, adapting to new client flows, and increases in demand, without a negative impact on existing operations. It can also be understood as the capacity of a system to start small, with a competitive cost, and allow for its structure to grow without having to be replaced. This is done through the optimization of resources in a way that gets the most out of the machines with high performance.

In the case of call centers, it is essential that they be ready to increase their telephony infrastructure with the least amount of impact in the least amount of time possible. Khomp has a line of media gateways and EBS in its portfolio to meet this demand, in addition to Host Media Processing (HMP) developed to meet the passive recording market for VoIP calls.

Designed to be modular, Khomp products allow for the solutions developed on their platform to be scaled from a few analog channels to complex systems with various digital trunk lines and integrated VoIP, all using the same platform of products. Interconnecting channels with various technologies in a transparent manner, the products also allow for the integration of existing equipment, as for example, legacy analog extensions.