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Get to know vSBC One, the new SBC for virtualized systems by Khomp

Based on the experience and intelligence applied to the development of gateways with Session Border Controller resources, Khomp launches the vSBC One software. This innovation provides SBC for virtualized systems, ensuring security in operations.

“The solution is ideal for those who are migrating their services to the cloud or to virtualized systems, or those who need to use SBC features on already acquired hardware,” says Marcus Vinicius Xavier, CTO at Khomp.

vSBC One can be installed on physical servers, virtualized environments, and cloud environments. “It is an interesting alternative for those who already have a hardware infrastructure, making it possible to add SBC capabilities without having to change equipment,” he says.

Developed in the cloud modality, vSBC One is part of Khomp’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) product line, which also encompasses Insight! and Monitor.



Khomp’s new software acts on the connections between the corporate network and VoIP carriers, as well as between the company’s main office and its branches. This involves high-availability resources, such as smart routing with route failover, and log authorization.

For security, vSBC provides encryption applications, topology hiding, error packet normalization, access control, fraud prevention, and more.

It also offers operability functions that support a large number of RFCs, including T.38 support with automatic fallback for G.711 a-law and u-law.


VoIP Call Routing with SBC

The vSBC One enables call routing between VoIP channels. “It is ideal for making call routing between IP devices in the corporate network with VoIP accounts on the Internet, as it provides resources and mechanisms that offer security and protection during calls”, says Xavier.

Another vSBC’s outstanding feature is its scalability: from additional licenses, it is possible to extend the processing capacity for up to 5,000 simultaneous calls.


To learn more about vSBC One, see the product page and/or contact Khomp Business Consultants. In addition, learn more about forms of application and usability of SBC resources according to the scenario in this special series on SBC, published here on this blog.


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