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The KFXO-IP (KFXO-80IP, KFXO-40IP) was developed with a powerful set of DSP-based resources making it very attractive for the CTI, Soft PBX, and TDM/IP gateway market. The KFXO-IP is an excellent choice for applications using analog lines requiring advanced voice resources and IP channels with excellent echo cancellation.

The available voice resources allow using the board in various applications, such as: IVR, voice mail, recorder, dialer, among others. IP channels with the SIP protocol enable using the board in IP Gateway applications for analog lines, Soft PBX VoIP, and many other applications needing VoIP resources.

For Soft PBX applications, Khomp has prepared and distributes a channel driver for Asterisk or end_point for FreeSWITCH along with the board.

Features and beneficits

  • 4 to 8 interfaces for analog lines
  • Modularity: 2 x 4
  • Compatible with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH
  • Up to 8 VoIP calls using SIP protocol
  • Call progress for 8 lines simultaneously
  • DTMF decimal dialing detection on all channels simultaneously
  • Full duplex recording and playing of WAV format files on all channels simultaneously
  • Codecs available for recording, playing, and VoIP G.711, GSM, and ADPCM
  • Beep signal generation: 425Hz and DTMF
  • Presence of audio and silence detection
  • Fax signal detection on all channels simultaneously
  • 8 channels for fax transmission and reception. Fax resource implemented on host
  • Conferencing in groups of up to 8 participants
  • Dual answering system for blocking collect calls
  • High impedance recording, without using the line
  • DTMF signaling detection for caller identification
  • Echo canceling with delay up to 64ms on 8 channels simultaneously, independent of other resources
  • Echo canceling complying with ITU-T G 165 and G.168 (2000 and 2002), with automatic convergence and delay setting during the whole calling process
  • Configurable line impedance of 900 or 600 Ohms
  • Connectors RJ45 for connection of lines
  • Interface PCI V2.2 universal (3V3 and 5V)
  • Dimensions of board: 15,9 x 10,6cm
  • Anatel Certification
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years

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