quad analog line recording board


The KFXO-HI (KFXO-80HI, KFXO-40HI) board is principally a passive recorder (high impedance) for PBX branches or analog telephone lines. The board is connected in parallel with the telephone, and invisible to the user, records without any call audio degradation. The board informs the host of ring signal, polarity inversion, audio events, call answer, hang-up, and starts and stops recording independent of the PBX.

Features and beneficits:

  • 8 (KFXO-80HI) or 4 (KFXO-40HI) interfaces for analog lines
  • Modularity: 2 x 4 lines
  • High impedance recording, without using the line (extension)
  • Detect DTMF signals, tones at 425 Hz, and fax tone on all of the channels
  • Detect silence and voice on all of the channels
  • Inform calls answering and ending, monitoring of line tension
  • Inform ring signal and polarity inversion
  • Codecs used for recording: G711, GSM, and ADPCM
  • Connector RJ45 for lines connection
  • Full duplex recording of WAV format messages
  • Dimensions of board:15,9 x 10,6cm
  • Interface PCI V2.2 universal (3V3 and 5V)
  • Anatel Certification
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years

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