K2E1 – 600E

E1 network interface board


The K2E1-600E was developed to meet the needs of the CTI application market, introducing an excellent choice for applications using T1/E1 links which require advanced voice resources. Voice resources, such as, generation and detection of DTMF, detection of fax signaling, call progress, and conferencing are executed in the board digital signal processor (DSP) without using the host’s processor, which is used only for controlling the board and resources setting purposes. This architecture is very robust enabling the use of high-density applications in computers with lower processing capacity, resulting in an overall lower cost, compared to software based resource solutions. Khomp offers the K2E1-600E in two models; PCI and PCI-Express. The PCI-Express model has DMA technology, which reduces CPU consumption, allowing increased density per server. IVR, telemarketing, help desk, customer service, voice mail, call center, conference server, and Soft PBX, among others are examples of applications that use the K2E1-600E.


Features and beneficits

  • 2 digital interfaces E1 with 30 channels each (60 net channels)
  • Net protocols: RDSI and R2D (with 60 MFC signal exchange resources)
  • PABX Protocol: EL7, Line Side, and QSIG (SSCT)
  • Full duplex recording and playing of WAV format messages
  • Beep signals generation: 425Hz and DTMF
  • Generation and detection of DTMF signals in decimal pulses
  • Fax signaling and mailbox detection (standard signaling: 600 hz/450ms – 1000Hz/450ms)
  • Presence of audio and silence detection before and after answering
  • Codecs available for recording and playing: G.711, GSM, and ADPCM
  • Call progress and remote answering analysis
  • Conferencing on up to 120 channels in groups of up to 8 participants (with suppression of DTMF)
  • Echo canceling on 60 channels simultaneously, independent of other resources usage (optional hardware)
  • Echo canceling with 64ms delay (512 TAPS) and (1024 TAPS)
  • Automatic convergence and delay setting during the whole calling process
  • H.100 bus for interconnection of boards with 4096 time slots (compatible with SCbus, MVIP, and HMVIP)
  • E1 with 75 Ohms BNC connectors. No need to use balun coaxial cable
  • Also available with RJ45 connector with impedance of 120 Ohms
  • Interface PCI-Express 1x or more, with technology DMA
  • Interface Universal PCI V2.2 (5V or 3V3)
  • Available in full size (31,2 x 10,6cm) and half size (17,5 x 11cm)
  • Anatel Certification
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years


Download here the PDF file with information from K2E1-600E Download datasheet

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