KE1GW – 640

E1 – SIP gateway interface board


The KE1GW-640 board combines the flexibility of voice resources for T1/E1 links and the functionality of the TDM/SIP gateway for PSTN and VoIP calls, resulting in an excellent choice for CTI applications using T1/E1 links and voice connection through Ethernet IP. The KE1GW-640 is ideal for call distribution applications for IP call centers, interconnecting voice among Ethernet servers, and other CTI applications needing VoIP integration. The KE1GW-640 can also establish up to 30 calls using T1/E1 link, and simultaneously, an additional 34 calls using SIP terminals connected by network IP.

Using the conference resource, T1/E1 calls can be connected to IP calls individually, or in groups. With the recording resource, calls between the T1/E1 and IP channels can be recorded in full duplex mode. The KE1GW-640 also has 30 voice resources implemented by the board’s DSPs making it the perfect board for a variety of CTI applications.

Khomp offers the KE1GW-640 in two models; PCI and PCI-Express. The PCI-Express model has DMA technology, which reduces CPU consumption, allowing increased density per server.

Features and beneficits

  • 1 digital interface E1 with 30 net channels
  • Net protocols: RDSI and R2D (with 30 MFC signaling changers)
  • PABX protocol: EL7, Line Side, and QSIG (SSCT)
  • Supports channel associated signaling (CAS)
  • Up to 34 VoIP calls using SIP protocol
  • Voice connection between E1 and VoIP channels
  • All voice resources available for the 30 net channels simultaneously
  • Codecs available for recording, playing, and VoIP: G.711, GSM e ADPCM
  • VoIP calls utilize the Ethernet port of the host (Fast or Giga Ethernet)
  • Full duplex recording of established calls between E1 and VoIP channels, and playing of WAV format messages
  • Tone generation: 425Hz and DTMF
  • Detection of DTMF dialing signal and decimal pulses
  • Mailbox detection (standard signaling: 600hz/450ms – 1000Hz/450ms)
  • Presence of audio and silence detection before and after answering
  • Call progress for all E1 channels
  • Conferencing on up to 90 channels in groups of up to 8 participants
  • Conferencing between E1, VoIP , or CTBus channels
  • H.100 bus compatible with SCbus, MVIP, and HMVIP
  • Included echo canceling with delay at 64ms (512 TAPS)
  • Echo canceling compatible with ITU-T G165 and G.168 (2000 e 2002), with automatic convergence and delay setting during the whole calling process
  • Optional (not included) canceling with 128ms delay (1024 TAPS)
  • Interface PCI-Express 1x or more, with technology DMA
  • Interface Universal PCI V2.2 (5V or 3V3)
  • Available in full size (31,2 x 10,6cm) and half size (17,5 x 11cm)
  • Anatel Certification
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years

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