Patch Panel

Device for the conversion


Patch panels are devices for the conversion of terminals with Centronics-type connector in RJ11 outputs. So, with patch panels you can convert 1 Centronics input into 24 RJ11 ports (on 24-ports model). Khomp also offers a version with 2 Centronics connectors for 48 RJ11 ports.


Features and Benefits

  • Khomp products compatibility: EBS-FXS 240, EBS-FXO 240HI, EBS-FXO 120HI, KFXO-240HI and KFXO-160HI
  • 24-ports model: 1 Centronics connector, 50 channels and 24 RJ11 connectors
  • Included 1 connection cable, 2 m length
  • 48-ports model: 2 Centronics connectors, 50 channels and 48 RJ11 connectors
  • Included 2 connection cables, 2 m length each
  • Module for standard rack 19” x 1U




Download here the datasheet file with information from Patch Panel. Datasheet

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