• Kombiner 4: Model – 4:1 – 4 ports
  • Kombiner 8: Model – 8:1 – 8 ports
  • Kombiner 16: Model – 16:1 – 16 ports
  • Kombiner 32: Model – 32:1 – 32 ports



Kombiner is a piece of equipment that concentrates several GSM interfaces in a single antenna, which allows for optimization in dB gain in the GSM signal of operations with Khomp’s KGSM boards.

Kombiner is used by connecting through cables to the GSM interface antenna outputs, combining the equipment output signal into a single and more powerful antenna, and bringing the outside signal into the data center.

The Kombiner family of equipment is available with Kombiner-4 and Kombiner-8 models in a compact, desktop hardware, and Kombiner-16 and Kombiner-32 models designed to be installed on 19” racks. All models shipped with 60 cm [1.96 ft] G174 cables with SMA-M connectors to connect with the boards (quantity corresponding to the number of ports), with 1 year factory warranty.




Download here the datasheet file with information from Kombiner.Download datasheet


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