IPS 102

IP phone, HD voice, with 2 lines and 4 programmable keys.


  • 2 lines
  • 128 x 64 pixel graphic LCD display
  • Headset support

Features and Benefits

  • Supports call requirements even in times of heavy call flow
  • Function keypad with: volume control, hands free, sound suppression (mute), headset, message box, call hold, redial, conference and transfer
  • Supports a 2-line circuit with a 2-color indicator light that simultaneously manages the lines and calls waiting
  • Screen size: 6 x 2 cm
  • 4 programmable keys (via software)
  • 5 navigation keys (cursor button, C button)
  • Call processing per voice mail, voice command, voice message
  • Size: 213 x 157 x 39mm

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Download here the PDF file with information from IPS 102. Datasheet

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