The LTE eNodeB 2X10W band 38 is a base radio station with TD-LTE technology, already listed by ANATEL and integral part of Khomp LTE line. The product is ideal for Internet service providers who wish to provide this access to their customers through the 4G network.

This device supports connection to the service provider’s backbone network through wired or wireless backhaul to provide a wide variety of data service conversion and transmission functions.

This base radio station allows for the building of low cost professional communication systems, promoting the Internet signal distribution and, therefore, the computerization in remote locations that do not have cabling.


Features and Benefits

  • LTE TDD (Time Division Duplex) Mode. It uses the same frequency underrange for signal transmission (upstream) and reception (downstream), between 2570 MHz and 2620 MHz;
  • Bandwidth channel: 5MHz, 15MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz;
  • Interconnection with backbone through backhaul with Gigabit Ethernet interface;
  • E-UTRA 38 bands;
  • Maximum of 96 active users;
  • Based on TD-LTE technology, international 3GPP standard;
  • Provides data at high speed;
  • Supports operations on different bandwidths;
  • Voice traffic: CSFB, VoLTE, SRVCC;
  • DHCP, DNS, and NAT;
  • Web interface for management;
  • Simplified and low cost installation;


Typical Applications

ISPs, Internet Services Provider or Internet service providers who want to expand their services by offering broadband Internet and, therefore, computerization in remote locations which do not have cabling, through the LTE network.

The product was designed for a simplified installation that can grow in a scalar manner according to the expansion of the number of serviced users.



Application Models

In the scenario below, an ISP provides high speed 4G signal to two distinct locations through Khomp eNodeBs installed in specific areas, thus creating an LTE network.

ISP (Provider) leading a 4G Internet network signal to remote areas not served by wired network.



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